HD Digital Video Camera NXCAM name for Sony’s newest camera technology affordable HD AVCHD benefit, especially for professional-level video have been made. The new visit lariviera  NXCAM HXR NX5 camera first generation of cameras that go beyond the old Nvarkhvan cameras placed in terms of power and performance with today’s digital age is equal. Using the output of the memory card, the user will be able to record long video with AVCHD format. It also uses a number of hard disk HXR FMU128, allows simultaneous recording SD and HD video formats are also provided. Thanks to the advanced lens series G and three Exmor CMOS sensorRead More →

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NEX FS700 camera reviews With a special output, recording files 4K / 2K without compression and bit rate is 12bit. These files can be output via 3G / HD-SDI and using the HXR-IFRS interface or recorder AXS-R5 compatible saved. It should be noted HXR-IFR5 devices and  external records sold separately. Super 35mm sensor cameras with motion sensors correspond with the appropriate adapter also allows the use of lenses E-mount, 35mm SLR, DSLR and lenses for professional users is provided. 1080p HD video can be FS700R with a frame rate of 60p Full, continuous recording 240 fps in full HD resolution and 960 fps with a resolution of theRead More →

PXW-X70 camcorder review Sony recently and fully equipped professional camera and has introduced the XDCAM family. Sony has done its best to provide all the facilities needed in PXW-X70 and thereby, run professional-level video applications. Exmor CMOS image sensor  The camera’s image sensor a lot to say. PXW-X70 camera has a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20 MP. The camera sensor size even larger super 16mm camera sensor is also able in poor lighting conditions, image quality and low noise recording. The large size of the sensor increases sensitivity to light and allow night-time imaging. In addition, the new models feature HD video recording mode has XAVC long GOP.Read More →

HDR-AS100 Action Camera Sony HDR-AS100 is another amazing feats of sporting events and events that shooting adventure is surging. Sports camera with professional features such as time code, advanced image stabilization technology, built-in WiFi capabilities, recording frame rate XAVC S HD and 120 / 240p in a waterproof body, entered the competition with its predecessor is. The salient features of the camera HDR-AS100 Resolution by the Steadyshot Experience In fact, according to the technology Image Stabilizer, Camera, Action HDR-AS100 is capable of considerably slight vibrations caused by the movement of the motorcycle / bicycle offset. Thanks to Active Mode image stabilization, uniform and clear images of events such as waterRead More →

What is the secret to success One of the most important parts of any business should consider him  success and result in Falytmvn well. Usually people who think  progress and success in reaching Ahdafshvn are books of  Anthony Robbinsor  Brian Tracy study but they do not sling the result. You know, where is the problem? We must be careful that we are in the third millennium and ways to achieve success in the third millennium competitors and customer satisfaction Millennium is another quite different from the past.If  modern techniques and unknown personal growth in order to achieve progress and success in life and business, and work with the Unfortunately, like many other people getting out of the competition.  Read More →

Camera review sony NEX-VG30   Hello. This time we’re going to look at other product Sony’s NEX-VG30. The lens can be changed, and to record movies with cinematic quality and is ideal DSLR quality images. 16.1 megapixel APS-c sensor type sized CMOS Exmor, eye XGA OLED, four capsules a microphone, a camera image processor BIONZ other features considered NEX-VG30. The NEX-VG30 successor to its predecessor, the NEX-VG20, but with significant changes more as leverage to control the zoom power, shoe several relationships, electronic viewfinder better, image effects and the option to use an adapter XLR external (sold separately). In this review we are going to detail in construction, control, technical specificationsRead More →

In the early days of 2015, Canon unveiled 6 new cameras. In this article, we introduce summary of these models and the detailed study of these cameras, they will be introduced in the products site completely for casino en ligne. Canon IXUS 165 I think the above is presented camera IXUS145 and nearby properties. The camera’s CCD sensor with 20 megapixel power and a 8x optical zoom and HD video services.  PowerShot Elph 160 (Ixus 160) The second model introduced a camera is closer to the former. Canon IXUS160 camera’s CCD sensor with 20 megapixels and optical zoom of 8x users. Canon Powershot Elph 170 IS (IXUS170 The thirdRead More →

Atlas shop with a brilliant track record in providing for photographers and videographers, and in order to complete their products to serve more customers, offers products Prvfvtv. Profoto’s largest manufacturer of systems for professional use in photographic studio around the world. The company was founded in Sweden in 1967 and today Profoto flash is one of the major manufacturers in the world. Now a large number of professional photographers all over the world with Profoto products work. The company’s products by the authorized representatives around the world is played. The main task of the Profoto products with high quality, reliable, durable and securityRead More →

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Kmlyvn now more than 180 different types of batteries and flashlights, garden lighting, USB converter and produces Pavrbank. You can be part of a variety of goods available in the Atlantic Kmlyvn the link below: Battery products Kmlyvn According to Kmlyvn quality goods, in addition to retail products Kmlyvn, major products distribution Kmlyvn in East Azerbaijan province have begun at great prices.Read More →

Celebrations cameras and tablets – Special Edition 1394 On the occasion of Nowruz 1394 ancient and holy days of Fajr Festival Specials Canon, Nikon, Sony, and tablets begin with pride. The benefits of buying from the Atlantic in the celebrations: 1. exceptional prices: Price Canon, Nikon and Sony, and tablets offered in-store celebrations in 1394 in the Atlantic and the Atlas site, for exceptional set and are very attractive. 2. Guarantee know: All products developed in the Atlantic has a valid warranty that the goods are Kbnd company. 3. Draw 50 exquisite award: By buying any Canon, Nikon, Sony and tablets at the time ofRead More →