HD Digital Video Camera

NXCAM name for Sony’s newest camera technology affordable HD AVCHD benefit, especially for professional-level video have been made.

The new visit lariviera  NXCAM HXR NX5 camera first generation of cameras that go beyond the old Nvarkhvan cameras placed in terms of power and performance with today’s digital age is equal.

Using the output of the memory card, the user will be able to record long video with AVCHD format. It also uses a number of hard disk HXR FMU128, allows simultaneous recording SD and HD video formats are also provided.

Thanks to the advanced lens series G and three Exmor CMOS sensor with ClearVid benefits of technology, exciting Dont worry about image quality in any format convenient. Professional cameraman who has long expected new product casinofrancaisonline will kill the image quality and the camera is able to meet expectations

Sensors Exmor 3CMOS

ClearVid technology Exmor 3CMOS that uses three sensors, sensor systems are among the most modern. It does not matter what format your video, high-resolution, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and excellent color balance in all images you will see. The quality of the imaging system has a great reputation in the industry won shooting.

Exmor technology, in-camera noise reduction system through HXR NX5

Unlike older technologies that only an analog to digital converter on each chip used, the camera is equipped with several A / D converter on each pixel row convert analog signals to digital. Exmor technology is also able to remove the external noise in the A / D conversion, and this makes the digital signals have high quality and very low noise. Another feature of this technology can be used in low-light and when shooting with a sensitivity of 1.5 lux observed.

High sensitivity and resolution through its unique techniques

CMOS sensor, this camera is equipped with a ClearVid array technology, as compared to the conventional old-pixel sensors more. This has resulted in high sensitivity sensor. Moreover, rotate 45 degrees of the pixels on each chip, increasing the resolution. These two techniques indicates the popularity of Sony picture quality among the users.


Data from GPS time is valuable and can be used if you want to know the location and exact time video recordings. You might wonder how someone get this sophisticated photographic tools, do not worry, you can visit casino en ligne or online casino in order to try your luck for extra cash, who knows you might be the next millionaire.

AVCHD format

AVCHD is a new revolution in recording formats in which video codec MPEG-4, AVC / H.264 is used which allows users to record HD movies on the memory cards. Intelligent algorithms and advanced AVCHD format has led to a highly efficient compression format ideal for recording and editing of turn.

High-performance G Lens

Built-in lens, this lens is capable of chromatic aberration caused by differences in light refraction cut. The lens structure is such that, even at high zoom images, still maintain image clarity and beauty.

Other features superior optical system

Called tricyclic ring on the front of the lens focus, zoom and aperture, and performance in such a way that if you used interchangeable lenses. These rings are very comfortable to work and control.

Utilizes the most advanced GPS technology

HXR-NX5 first professional AVCHD camera in the world that the GPS system in your body is important. An important feature and remarkable cameras, recorders is taking place. In this way, users can see the camera captured by the camera on websites such as Google Earth and Google Map access.

HXR NX5 camera anti-shake system

May sometimes while walking, in the car or on the wedding plans do you have to shoot the subject. In this case, the image vibration is normal. Using Active steady shot image stabilization built into the camera signed out, can greatly counteract camera shake and image stabilization to take hold.

Data storage

The camera has two memory card ports to insert exists, and can shoot up to 13 consecutive hours to do. In addition, if you use one 128 GB hard drive can quickly backup your data.

Memory cards and storage of large volumes of information.’

HXR NX5 Sony’s first professional camera data is stored directly on memory cards. These cards are cheap and easily available in the market. Sometimes, users are suddenly decided to film a documentary or news reports are, and may require more information to be recorded, is that additional memory card performance will be determined. As well as data on the card can be transferred to a PC and important files to a backup.

When two memory card ports to be placed into any of the possibility of recording HD videos for 6 hours (32 GB) is provided. By the end of the first card capacity, the camera automatically switches to the next card and start recording.

Three of the main advantages of memory cards

  • Quick search feature recorded clips using thumbnails , and this speeds up editing and searching files
  • Users can easily transfer data to the computer.
  • Recorded files can be immediately played back.

FMU 128 128GB hard drive

Sony proudly introduces 128 GB hard drive has been designed exclusively for NX5 camera. The main feature of this drive is the time to record HD and SD videos and make an immediate backup of files desired. In some circumstances, such as music festivals, seminars, weddings and film documentaries, which requires long-term continuous recording, the hard drive is used. Flash capacity is equal to 13 hours at the highest bitrates.

XtraFine LCD display

NX5 is equipped with a LCD3.2-inch display is XtraFine. The resolution is equal to 921,000 thousand points, and the high resolution gives the possibility to focus more easily.

Electronic viewfinder of XtraFine

Viewfinder and a Xtrafine 0.45 inches, and a resolution of 1,227,000 dots are equal. In addition, the viewfinder three display modes (color and black) is important. The remarkable thing is that images are displayed in the viewfinder with 100% quality.

Input and output

  • HDMI
  • Video and composite RCA output port pin type
  • Component output
  • USB
  • TC Link to connect two cameras
  • Remote port


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