Action Camera Sony HDR-AS100 is another amazing feats of sporting events and events that shooting adventure is surging. Sports camera with professional features such as time code, advanced image stabilization technology, built-in WiFi capabilities, recording frame rate XAVC S HD and 120 / 240p in a waterproof body, entered the competition with its predecessor is.

The salient features of the camera HDR-AS100

Resolution by the Steadyshot Experience

In fact, according to the technology Image Stabilizer, Camera, Action HDR-AS100 is capable of considerably slight vibrations caused by the movement of the motorcycle / bicycle offset. Thanks to Active Mode image stabilization, uniform and clear images of events such as water skiing, ride motorcycles on the piste, surfing and other exciting events and lively sports will be possible.

New waterproof housing with tripod mount

Design and compact HDR-AS100 camera body is waterproof and water or rain droplets to penetrate into it. You can use this camera safely and rainy weather outdoor use. Action on the camera body HDR-As100 a place to put it on a tripod screw, and HDR-AS100 can be easily attached to a tripod. In this mode, you can record all events like casino en ligne in height from ground level to take action.
Capture quality images in XAVC-S 60p (50 Mbps )
HDR-As100 high-speed 120 fps and 240 fps as well as the shooting mode is also supported. In addition, users can also record HD MP4 video and easily on the web.Internal stereo microphone

HDR-As100 camera body is equipped with a stereo microphone that lets you record any sounds around you to give quality. In fact, having a stereo sound can Travash sound of water splashing and cries of the highest quality recording.
Sensor Exmor R CMOS
Action Camera HDR-AS100 from an image sensor Exmor CMOS clear background is that due to its high sensitivity in low light, which in turn can lead to a more transparent picture and a significant reduction in grainy photos and videos in light is poor. 

Lens carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar

 Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with wide-angle action camera HDR-As100 carl, users can enhance their prospects (170-degree viewing angle) and yet more details of subjects to include in the image.
Memory card compatibility
Memory stick Micro SD memory card port through the Micro / SDHC placed in the camera HDR-AS100 possible to increase recording capacity to provide a significant percentage. 

Output HDMI

For easy transfer of files, HDR-AS100 has a HDMI output that will be able to video recordings with friends, family, exchanged or on monitors HD view (requires HDMI cable, and must be purchased separately ).

By setting the picture mode HDR-AS100 still, just by pressing a button you can capture crisp photos, high-quality 13.5 megapixel.
GPS Internal
Action Camera HDR-As100 equipped with GPS functionality built in. 

The WiFi and NFC (Near communication)

HDR-AS100 camera with WiFi and NFC are two options for communication between the camera, smart phone and tablet applications. By enabling this option, users can simultaneously control up to 5 cameras will have action.


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