Celebrations cameras and tablets – Special Edition 1394

On the occasion of Nowruz 1394 ancient and holy days of Fajr Festival Specials Canon, Nikon, Sony, and tablets begin with pride.

The benefits of buying from the Atlantic in the celebrations:

1. exceptional prices:

Price Canon, Nikon and Sony, and tablets offered in-store celebrations in 1394 in the Atlantic and the Atlas site, for exceptional set and are very attractive.

2. Guarantee know:

All products developed in the Atlantic has a valid warranty that the goods are Kbnd company.

3. Draw 50 exquisite award:

By buying any Canon, Nikon, Sony and tablets at the time of Jshnvah spring 1394, the following awards will participate in the lottery and lottery results will be announced end of April 1394 on the Atlantic visit casino en ligne.




Eye Massager

Battery charger with cigarette lighter

Flash Memory

Single-camera joint base

4. Free advice before you buy:

As usual, the emphasis is on increasing awareness among consumers and citizens, providing free advice for a safe and great shopping, fabulous free gifts to you.

5. Time Festival and conditions set prices:

Festival starting from 93/11/01 until 94/01/15 and prices, according to the company is the official importer for the celebrations. The prices are based on supply and demand and the price of the currency variable and the likelihood of being completed before the end of the festival there.

For more information please contact 04135555128.

In the joy of the arrival of the New Year, we share your joy …

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