Camera review sony NEX-VG30


Hello. This time we’re going to look at other product Sony’s NEX-VG30. The lens can be changed, and to record movies with cinematic quality and is ideal DSLR quality images. 16.1 megapixel APS-c sensor type sized CMOS Exmor, eye XGA OLED, four capsules a microphone, a camera image processor BIONZ other features considered NEX-VG30. The NEX-VG30 successor to its predecessor, the NEX-VG20, but with significant changes more as leverage to control the zoom power, shoe several relationships, electronic viewfinder better, image effects and the option to use an adapter XLR external (sold separately). In this review we are going to detail in construction, control, technical specifications and image quality too.

Power zoom lens 18-200mm

A prominent feature of the camera lens NEX-VG30 can be used in the autofocus (mute), image stabilization and zoom optical system mentioned 11 times. Power zoom lens with constant speed and uniform to allow Fylmbrdarn to zoom on a subject without having to rotate the lens. This lens with an APS-C sensor capable of viewing angle of 27mm in wide angle to 300 mm at maximum zoom range of the final image to show. Three keys on the side of the lens (L, M, H) to adjust the zoom speed (low, medium, high) and switch T and W to the telephoto and wide-angle image is placed Tello. In fact, few job options Zoom control to the desired speed and more convenient for users no longer need to use the zoom ring is not. And in the lower part of the lens barrel is adjusted manually or via Power key to select the zoom allowa

According to 19.5 times the surface area than traditional cameras, APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor capable of capturing images 16.1MP cinematic depth of casino en ligne field and features noise reduction is excellent.When it comes to video images as it turns out, there is only a substitute for the sensor.

Zooming with variable hours

NEX-VG30 camera at the top of your body with a 18-200mm power zoom lever to adjust the zoom lens or digital 2x zoom also.

Eye XGA OLED Tru-Finder

OLED electronic viewfinder NEX-VG30 camera can display images with high resolution and contrast ratio 2.359 million. This allows users eye to detail and excellent color results immediately see the camera settings. Moreover, the eye of the user’s eyes and by being sensitive eye for an eye, a visible image automatically and disappears. One of the characteristics of OLED viewfinder that can be easily viewed images in any light conditions. But Tru-Finder OLED viewfinder for both conditions ideal XGA are.

Mic four capsules

The upper part of the camera body NEX-VG30 four 5.1-channel microphone capsule that is capable of recording high-quality sound. The four cylinders at an angle of 45 degrees to put together a good sound to be received from all four sides.

Microphone input with volume control

NEX-VG30 camera is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio input on the handle and to connect an external microphone such as Shotgun Microphone ECM-CG50 (sold separately) can be used. Using the volume control can also be set up in a very loud voice or poorly done. A headphone jack also helps users to control audio functions are sufficient.

Photo JPEG and RAW with high resolution

NEX-VG30 camcorder can capture clear photos in JPEG and RAW 16.1MP DSLR quality as is. Sign up to 6 fps burst mode photos are also available.

Lens -Mant Sony

NEX-VG30 camera lens mounts is E-, which means possible to use a greater number of series E- lens mount provides to users. A short distance focal length 18 mm Mant- E has to be compatible with a large number of adapters. For example, by providing an adapter LA-EA2 (sold separately), users can also take advantage of the lenses A- mounts.

Some features manual control

NEX-VG30 has several buttons and rotary switch during the shooting, which can to some features such as shutter speed, aperture, manual exposure and access. By setting the aperture manually’ll be able to adapt to any type of lighting condition and thus capture the best images.

Memory card ports

For recording and transferring video and photos, the camera NEX-VG30 port memory card with cards such as Memory Stick Due, Memory Stick PRO Due, Memory Stick PRO-HG Due and SD / SDHC / SDXC compatibility


Shoe couple relationship

Unlike traditional cameras, NEX-VG30 is equipped with a hot shoe manufacturing a new relationship and hence more compatible with low-Hindi Sanitary Paper’s side. Users can connect an optional XLR adapter (sold separately) to shoe a relationship, of the highest quality external microphone also benefit.

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